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Notes from Erica: 

     Welcome! Vengeance of the Crypt is live! I highly recommend reading Daughter of the Crypt if you haven't already. Daughter and Vengeance are the first two novels in the Children of the Crypt series. 

     In the meantime, for those of you who found me via a Posh sample, isn't Perfectly Posh amazing? If you're looking to see what else is available, you can check out (copy and paste into the URL bar, preferably Chrome) I highly recommend having a pamper day while you enjoy a good book. The bath salts are amazing and who doesn't enjoy a good book along with a relaxing bath?

    Please feel free to email me at or like me on Facebook at I am also on Good Reads and have an infrequent blog posted there.  

     Thanks for your time and of course, Happy Reading!

                                            ~ Erica


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