Erica Danekes

Daughter of the Crypt

     Leading a privileged life, straddling two worlds, most would envy Portia Carleton. To the mortal world, she is the pampered daughter of a leading Hollywood producer. To the D’artanion Clan, she is one of their beloved children and is zealously protected.
     Possessing stunning beauty, coupled with psychic gifts, Portia glides through life with a carefree ease. Until she happens upon a lone Vampire, mere days from succumbing to the voracious hunger of blood lust. Portia adopts him into the Clan’s protection and kicks off a storm within the Vampire world.
     Rune Erickson thought he had is future well in hand. Head of a thriving company, he never expected to be plunged into a secret world, unlike anything he had ever imagined. Refusing to accept his new reality, he tries to live his life as he always had.
     Except, he can no longer pretend he was the same man he’d always been.

** Daughter of the Crypt is book one of the Children of the Crypt series **

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Cover art by Adolph Soliz. Please follow him on Instagram @solizart or visit his blogspot.
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