Erica Danekes

Fate and Phedra

    Sir Pomphrey knows his time is short and he must secure his daughter’s future. He arranges a risky wager with the impoverished Marquis de Halverston. The Marquis is disgusted by the prospect of marrying an heiress, but has little alternative. He must save his estates and keep those who are dependent upon him from starving. 
    During their honeymoon, a delicate bond forms between the new couple. Their tender relationship is crushed by Sir Pomphrey’s rough handling of the truth about the wager between himself and the Marquis. Angered by their deteriorating relationship, the Marquis whisks Phedra off to London. 
    Instead of bringing them closer, London seems to be tearing them apart. The Marquis is haunted by his debts and old family scars. His irrational jealousy sparks the “Great Avoidance”. To make matters worse, he finds – to his mind – proof of Phedra’s ultimate betrayal. 
    Instead of confronting his wife, or his own insecurities, he stubbornly clings to old family lore. It’s almost too late before the Marquis realizes he’s unintentionally driven away his bride, his closest friends and destroyed his best chance at happiness. 
    He needs to make amends before it is too late. Unfortunately, he must find his wife before he can beg for the chance to begin anew.
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