Erica Danekes

Lilith's Love

    Lilith is the daughter of a pirate, or so Society suspects. She’s tolerated because her uncle is an Earl. Lilith’s beloved cousin Lily begs Lilith to return to London and save her. 
    The Duke of Ravenswood is furious! His brother has fallen for the clever ruse of a pirate’s daughter. He sets out to kidnap Lily and in doing so remove Bruce from Lily’s clutches and destroy her reputation. 
    Unfortunately, the Duke acts in haste and mistakenly takes Lilith, a girl he didn’t know existed. Lilith enjoys taunting the Duke with his failure to separate Lily and Bruce.
    She doesn’t fear the Duke, however, she is uncertain about what to expect from a man ruthless enough to destroy his brother’s happiness for the sake of keeping the family name untarnished. 
    As passion flairs between the Duke and his captive, Lilith is left wondering how she could have fallen in love with the ruthless noble.
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Cover art by April McHugh. Please visit her shop at 
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