Erica Danekes

Tangled Destinies

     Piqued with being punished for her sister's sins, Daphne Graham attempts a desperate bid for freedom. Unfortunately, the one person she can turn to for help has no love for the Graham bloodline. Dapnhe's only option is to throw herself upon his mercy and prey he still has compassion deep within.

     The Earl of Stanwick had settled into a tenuous truce with his demons. Having withdrawn from Society, he plans for nothing more than to face each day as it dawns. Cozy dreams of happily ever after are not for damaged men like him. 

     Daphne's fierce determination, and the unwanted attraction sparked to life between them, force the Earl to confront his demons. Can the Earl survive the fires of passion a second time, or will fate once again snatch happiness from his grasp?

** Recommend reading Love's Tender Touch first **

Available at: 
Amazon Paperback   or Kindle 

Cover art by Adolph Soliz. Please follow him on Instagram @solizart
or visit his blogspot.

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