Erica Danekes

Vengeance of the Crypt


Leah Drake has come to the New World to avenge her fallen king. She has been told the answers she seeks are to be found on the sunny shores of California. But, this final mission for the Romanian Clan sets her squarely in a web of political intrigue.

Havelock is bored and frustrated. He's frustrated with their failure to find real answers and bored by his orders to remain where he is. He should be searching for those responsible for attacking his family, instead, he's parked at the charred remains of the beach house he once called home with orders to wait and see what turns up.

What turns up is a bewitching warrior who captures his attention and excites his blood in ways he never thought to experience again. But, can she be trusted? She claims to be searching for the same answers he seeks, however, there are shadows in her past darkening her future.

Leah is at a crossroads in her life and knows she must forge a new path before it's too late. With the Viking Warrior firmly planted in her way, she is uncertain about the road ahead. The fragile bond growing between the two warriors is tested as enemies rise and lies threaten to tear them apart. For Leah, it could be one betrayal too many, or, it could be the lancing her heart needs in order to heal.

** Vengeance of the Crypt is book two of the Children of the Crypt series **

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Cover art by Adolph Soliz. Please follow him on Instagram @solizart or visit his blogspot.
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